Rules & Regulations of UCB 2024

Terms and Conditions Agreement

Participants in Ultimate Cosplay Battle agree to comply with the following rules and regulations upon application.

Rules & Regulations 

A. Participation Regulations

1. All participants must be at least 12 years old.

2. All participants must sign the entry agreement. For minors under the age of 19 advancing to the finals, a legal guardian's consent form must be submitted.

3. If the 1st place winner is a minor under age of 19, the prize will be awarded to the legal guardian, so make sure to sign and submit the guardian consent with the correct information. The final award will be given only to participants who have complied with the competition's rules & regulations.

4. Prize cannot be received by a third person on behalf of you, exchanged, and may not be transferred and given to others.

5. All finalists must bear all expenses incurred by participating in the competition individually, including accommodation, transportation, etc.

6. If a participant's entry violates a law related to the Republic of Korea, violates a third party's rights, or is inconvenient for the general public, such as racism, xenophobia, gender discrimination, or defamation, the organizers are authorized to refuse the application.

7. All pre-rehearsal judges and finalists must have valid tickets given in advance by the Seoul POPCON Organizer's Office. Tickets paid cannot be transferred to any third party other than one companion (All-day ticket + one companion each, given by the organizer during the Seoul POPCON show).

8. Only one costume per person is allowed to apply for the competition. It is not possible to apply for multiple costumes.

9. Team participation and group costume for two or more persons are not allowed.

10. An agent or a person who enters a stolen name, other than himself, may be deprived of his right to participate.

B. Judging Regulations

11. Preliminary judging will primarily be conducted through a closed evaluation by expert judges.

12. Preliminaries will select finalists by totaling scores from expert judges based on submitted videos, photos, application forms, etc., as specified by the organizers.

13. For preliminary judging, costumes must be at least 70% complete at the time of application.

14. All participants must film an introduction video and submit it via email. The video should be no longer than 1 minute with a 16:9 aspect ratio, including an introduction of the cosplayer and an explanation of the created costume. Submitted videos and photos may be used for the main competition stage, social media, the official website, press releases, etc.

15. All finalists who pass the preliminary judging will participate in a pre-competition rehearsal judging the day before the finals on Saturday(August 17th, 2024). This pre-rehearsal screening will be a one participant - a few of judges interview and will also be used to confirm your progress in the main competition stage, so if you do not attend, you will not be selected for the main competition.

16. The rehearsal and finals will take place on August 17th (Saturday) and 18th (Sunday), respectively, with detailed schedules to be provided later. The finalists will be evaluated by expert judges and an on-site audience evaluation team to determine the winners. (Note: Judging methods are subject to change by the Seoul POPCON organizers.)

17. Finalists must present individual performances on the designated stage during the finals. Refusal to do so may result in disadvantages in judging.

18. For the better operation of the competition, finalists who do not attend the final rehearsal may be disqualified.

C. Application documents Regulations

19. All participants must submit the Application form and the Costume Creation Process form.

20. Participants must submit a scenario for the host to introduce them on the final stage (e.g., details about the costume or an introduction of the costume's inspiration). We recommend creating content that captures the attention of judges and fans, such as details about the costume's creation process, materials used, and production period. The introduction script must be included in the application form and may be edited by the Seoul POPCON organizers.

21. For accurate evaluation, submit the requested photo materials along with the application form.

22. For the preliminary judging, pre-competition rehearsal, and final stage, participants are not allowed to carry separate electronic devices (e.g., CDs, laptops, video devices) except for props.

23. All costumes, props, and signs must not display or imply messages that may offend or dishonor others, such as hate speech or profanity. Participants found violating this rule will be disqualified.

D. Costume Regulations

24. Political, religious comments, and abusive language are prohibited on the stage of the pre-finals, final round rehearsal, and finals. If you violate them, you will be disqualified and you will not be allowed to participate in future competitions.

25. Promotion or use of alcohol, illegal drugs, cigarettes, actual firearms/weapons, etc. or costumes containing specific political agendas and risk messages are prohibited.

26. Costumes depicting obscene, offensive, hateful messages and supportive of a particular group are prohibited.

27. Costumes distorting or denigrating the Seoul POPCON organization, the Seoul POPCON products, and all related people and associates involved, are prohibited.

28. Costumes containing messages or images damaging or violating the Seoul POPCON’s image and goodwill are prohibited. 

29. All costumes must comply with the laws of the Republic of Korea and not depict any violation. 

30. Participants must avoid using materials that could potentially interfere with other participants' costumes. They must also be careful not to damage other participants' costumes if using body paint or makeup. Props that could damage other participants' costumes are not allowed on stage, nor are they allowed to be left on stage.

31. Seoul POPCON is a family-friendly event, so costumes violating public regulations are prohibited. Under no circumstances shall the participants be naked or depict gore, graphic violence, or any unpleasant elements. Any violation may result in disqualification of the contestant decided by the judges and the Seoul POPCON organizers.

32. The genital area and bust points cannot be exposed.

33. All belongings are on the participant's own responsibility. A companion is recommended for personal belongings and props management.

34. All costumes must be created by the participants themselves. In case of purchase of pre-made or commercially available costumes, participation will be restricted. Elements of the costume, such as leotard, stockings, shoes, etc. can be purchased, but at least 60% of the costume must be handmade by the participants. Also, at least 5 photos must be submitted with a detailed description of the creation process. If participants wish to participate by remodeling a commercially purchased costume, an additional description of the modification process must be included. In case of absence of further explanation, participation in the finished product will be restricted.

35. In the costume creation, participants must specify where they got help by others and thus may be disadvantaged in the production skill score.

(1) Within 45 days before and after the contestants’ entry into the finals, if it turns out that the costume is not handmade, it will result in the contestant’s disqualification of the contest. Seoul POPCON will have the right to collect prize money and championship privileges from the contestant, and all responsibilities arising from this will be on the participant's responsibility.

(2) Participants passing the preliminary evaluation shall be subject to a period of reporting fraud on the official website of Seoul POPCON and related social media, etc. They may be excluded from the final round if the report is deemed appropriate during the given period.

36. There is no separate power supply. For costumes requiring power, it must be integrated in the costume itself.

37. Large wings, props, or costumes (higher than 2.5 meters or wider than 1 meters) may not pass through the entrance. If possible, make sure that the wings and other parts are separable. There are no sizes restrictions for costumes and props, but they must be transportable without the help of staff, accessible to the stage, and cannot be assembled on stage. Otherwise, participants will be responsible for any damage caused to the stage, lighting, equipment and competitions elements. Please be aware of any possible safety accidents.

38. Actual weapons and props that may cause damage to visitors are prohibited as follows. They may be restricted from entering or confiscated by the Seoul POPCON staff on the venue. All gun props can only be brought in when the pots are covered with bright-colored.

• Firearms (all real firearms, including replicas and imitations)

• Chemical weapons (self-defense spray, pepper spray, mustard spray, etc.)

• Explosives (including fireworks)

• Actual firing weapons (real bow, long bow, water gun, beetle, thread spray, water balloon, etc.)

• Any weapon with actual metal blades or sharp edges (axes, daggers, hand axes, knives, swords, cane with blades, jackknife, etc.)

• Any weapon deemed capable of harming the audience.

39. Seoul POPCON allows weapons props made of evafoam, fomex, hardboard paper, wood, styrofoam and other light materials.

(1) Gun props are allowed only if there is no risk of confusion with real weapons. The bow is allowed only when the arrowheads are made of blunt, soft material with no blades. 

(2) Props bow is only allowed when made of blunt, soft material without arrowhead blades.

(3) Seoul POPCOPN organizers strictly prohibit dangerous accessories. If the costume tools cause direct or indirect damage to the event or participants, the responsibility is on the cosplayer.

E. Competition Managing Regulations

40. By receiving prizes, all winners agree to comply with the herewith mentioned rules and regulations, including not to cause the following damage to the Seoul POPCON organizers and Seoul POPCON affiliates*:

(1) Any claim and litigation arising from participating in the Ultimate Cosplay Battle, receiving awards, using or misusing goods/prizes, etc.

(2) Any lawsuit related to personal injury, death, bankruptcy, etc.

※ Seoul POPCON’s affiliates include sponsors, direct and indirect subsidiaries, suppliers, distributors, advertising/promotion agencies, prize’s sponsors, executives, directors, employees and agencies of related parent companies. In case the winner violates the above mentioned elements, the award may be canceled through separate announcement.

41. The Seoul POPCON organizers have the right to cancel, suspend, or adjust the competition or elements of the competition on matters beyond control as follows:

(1) A natural disaster or unintended unavoidable event venue.

(2) Technical defects in the venue (telephone, Internet service failure, network hardware/software malfunction, disconnection, etc.).

(3) In the event of unauthorized intervention occurring during pre-registration or final round of the competition.

(4) In the event of technical and human errors occurring in the course of the competitions.

42. Seoul POPCON has the right to forfeit participation in the competition at its sole discretion in the following cases:

(1) Violation of the operation plan, the participation procedure, and the elements of the participation regulations.

(2) Violation or interference with all official promotional regulations related to Seoul POPCON.

(3) Any intentional acts that obstruct the fair operation of the contest( i.e. typographical errors, equipment used in the competition, programming, etc.) may be subject to criminal and civil law violations. The Seoul POPCON organizer's office has the right to enforce all or part of these contest regulations and to claim damages from the parties involved.

43. If the competition is suspended due to all or parts of the inevitable factors defined in this participation regulation, the winners will not be selected.

44. The final judging is based on the evaluations of selected judges, and discussions may be held with the Seoul POPCON organizer's office regarding the evaluations.

45. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in disqualification. Also, the only winners determined by the judges are the final winners.

46. All participants will be contacted by the organizers for PR cooperation and marketing promotion.

47. The personal information entered is managed by Exporum, Inc. located at Baekjegobun-ro 9-gil 5, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea and complies with the "Exporum" privacy policy.

  ** No agreement: In case applicants refuse the personal data information collection and consent, the participation in the Ultimate Cosplay Battle 2024 is impossible.

  ** Applicants under the age of 19 require written consent from their legal representatives (parents, etc.), and "Exporum" may request the submission and verification of official documents (i.e. family relation certificates, etc.) necessary for consent. All legal responsibilities related to false submission/verification shall be solely with the applicants.