[2022]Seoul POPCON – to be held from 25th to 28th August in Seoul, Korea

28 Mar 2022

Seoul POPCON, a ground-breaking pop culture convention in Korea, will kick off in upcoming August, as a destination for global pop culture. According to the Seoul POPCON organizing committee, ‘Seoul POPCON 2022’ will be hosted in person from 25th to 28th, August in Seoul, Korea

Serving as an extensive global pop culture hub, the organizing committee rebranded ‘Seoul Comic Con’ to ‘Seoul POPCON’, the abbreviation of Seoul Pop Culture Convention, and will showcase outstanding Korean and global contents encompassing the pop culture industry.

The brand-new event will showcase the extensive content compared to the last edition. The event will consist of three categories: ‘CONTENT’ as game, comics, broadcast, movie, animation, music, NFT, ‘PLATFORM’ as OTT, SNS, telecom, publisher, and ‘HARDWARE & TECHNOLOGY’ as PC, mobile, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR, Metaverse, etc. Especially, NFT and Metaverse, a game-changer of the content industry, is expected to draw attention.

The special pavilions and events where visitors can enjoy will also be along with the exhibit zone. For the featured pavilion, ‘World of Characters’, representative characters from all over the world, and ‘Artist Alley’, the signature zone for Korean and international will take place. Also, an on-site event such as ‘Ultimate Cosplay Battle’, on-and offline global cosplay competition, ‘Star Meet & Talk’, a stage event for fans, celebrities, producers, influencers, ‘Open Game Tournament’, an on-site tournament for gamers, will be staged and present memorable experiences to fans.

The organizing committee announced that “Seoul POPCON will become as the global pop culture festival where can enjoy leading pop culture content and platform. It will also offer the value and the vision of the pop culture industry to extend business opportunities beyond multiple media and contents.”

“In comparison to Seoul Comic Con, Seoul POPCON extended its scale and genre, we are more than excited to showcase worldwide pop culture content and make a new universe with our fans through Seoul POPCON.” the organizing committee said. “Come and check out the very first moment of exchanging between global content and platform in Seoul POPCON.”

More information can be found on the Seoul POPCON official website and SNS.