[2022]Event for Seoul POPCON Guest Invitation survey with Pop Culture Youtubers opens

26 Apr 2022

Seoul POPCON, the global pop culture convention, opens the guest survey event ‘Choose the guest you want to meet at Seoul POPCON’ for the pop culture fans.

Seoul POPCON Organizing Committee announced that “Under the concept of ‘for Fans, by Fans!’, the survey event will be held on the Seoul POPCON official website until May 13 to reflect Seoul POPCON fans opinion on guest invitation.” To participate in the event, participants can fill out questionnaire about the name of guest they want to meet, the reason they want to meet, and which activities they want to do with. The survey event is categorized into 4 sectors such as “Voice Actors”, “Vocaloid”, “Virtual Creators”, and “Pop Culture Content Guest”.

The organizing committee also said, “Global guests will be invited to Seoul POPCON based on the survey result, and various giveaway benefits will be provided to the event participants by random draw. The prizes, ‘Marvel Spider-Man Figure’(1 person), ‘Cute Loopy Random Figure’(5 people), ‘TEKKEN7 Random Figure’(15 people), ‘Seoul POPCON 2022 Sunday Pass’(100 people), ‘Seoul Comic Con Hand Mist’(30 people), are ready to meet the global pop culture fans. More information about the event participation guide can be found on the Seoul POPCON official website.

Especially, Korean popular pop culture youtubers such as famous voice actor Soo-jin Kang, acted Luffy from the animation ONE PIECE will support the event and be promoted through their platform; Voice actor channel ‘Project DBAE’, Vocaloid channel ‘Artist. D’, Virtual Creator introduction channel ‘ORIGOGI’, and Pop culture review channel ‘Anithing’. After the event, the organizing committee will select this year’s guest line-up based on the survey result.

Meanwhile, the organizing committee rebranded ‘Seoul Comic Con’ to ‘Seoul POPCON (Seoul Pop Culture Convention)’ serving as an extensive global pop culture hub, and will showcase outstanding Korean and global content encompassing the pop culture industry.

Seoul POPCON will be hosted in person from 25th to 28th August in Seoul, Korea. More information can be found on the Seoul POPCON official website and SNS.