[2022]Launch of the Seoul POPCON 2022

28 Mar 2022

Dear global pop culture fans, 

we are delighted to announce the launch of Seoul POPCON, a new pop culture show in Korea.

Taking place so far as Seoul Comic Con, the show will be reborn as Seoul POPCON to present new models in the pop culture content industry in the context of the upcoming Post-COVID era, and establish itself as a global content hub based in Korea’s unique content market.

Seoul POPCON (Seoul Pop Culture Convention) will take place from August 25 (Thu) – August 28 (Sun), 2022 and for the occasion, expand its exhibition areas to pop culture contents, including new fields such as games, metaverses and NFTs based on comics, broadcasting and movies.

The exhibition will extend its content and size, so that the excellence of Korean content can be promoted nationally and internationally. As main characters of the show, all participants, including participating companies, visitors and fans, will be able to have even more fun. This opportunity will allow the show to promote exchange between more diverse media, contents and open universes without restriction of country and genre, from Korean to international content that is in the spotlight all around the world.

Although COVID-19 separated us for the last two years, you will soon be able to see your favorite contents, cheer for your heroes, and meet new friends to create your own fantasy. In the upcoming 2022 edition, we will do our best to offer you a more solid and diverse program, so continue to show us your interest and support!

For more information, please visit our website and social media.

Thank you.