Emotionwave, Inc.

Company NameEmotionwave, Inc.
Booth No.C461
CountrySouth Korea
Address9F, Seoul Central Tower, 213 Bongeun-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

AIMPLE allows anyone to act as a digital human

Emotionwave Inc. is a metaverse company, was established in 2013. 

We have various technologies such as music and media, AI, 5G, IoT, robotics, XR, digital human, and NFT, and combines these technologies into various fields for service. 


Metaverse NFT Entertainment Platform 'AIMPLE'

AIMPLE is a platform that supports the creation and transaction of digital human IP-based content so that anyone can act as a digital human online, offline, and metaverse. 


Support for Digital Human Creation 

Digital humans are produced in various forms, such as cartoon, semi-realistic, and ultra-realistic. 

You can operate digital humans with everyday devices such as smartphones and web cameras. 


Digital Human IP-based Content Creation and Activity Support

Even without musical knowledge, you can release an album through music AI and act as a virtual musician. 

You can produce video contents such as music videos, dramas, and movies or hold events. 

You can be a virtual streamer on YouTube and Twitch with unique live broadcasting technology. 

Enable Content Transactions and Revenue Generation

You can make a profit by registering your content in the AIMPLE NFT Marketplace. 


Booth Event that can only be seen at the Seoul Popcorn Exhibition 

1. “AIMPLE NFT MUSIC PARTY” where you make your own digital human and AI album and own it as NFT

2. Experience the AI rhythm action game “PERPECT MUSICTION” that plays the guitar with the accompaniment of AI instruments 

3. "VIRTUAL LIVE STREAMING" to communicate with digital human Roah in real time 

AIMPLE homepage : https://aimple.io/

AIMPLE NFT marketplace : https://nft.aimple.io/

AIMPLE instagram : @aimple_official