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CountrySouth Korea
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1) CCS TOYS CCS TOYS is a manufacturer that focuses on modeling brands with its own design and development. In 2016, it issued the robot figure world with its hardcore mecha [Thunderbolt], and since then, it has grown its brand influence with [Gurren Lagann] [Mazinger ZERO] [Shin Getter1]. CCSTOYS enables you to increase the value of your collection with quality products and a great lineup. 

2)MOSHOW TOYS It is a manufacturer that mainly produces mechanical action figures. MOSHOW developed their own IP, the Progenitor Effect, and released Shingen Dakeda, Tate Masamune, Wu Chenghou and received very good reviews for its large size, high alloy rate, and detailed gimmicks once they released the product. MCT-E02 Lancelot and MCT-E01 Attila, which is scheduled to be released, are also receiving a lot of attention. 

3) JOYTOY WARHAMMER40K It is a science fiction mecha model toy brand with independent intellectual property rights that has been selling military small figures in Korea since before Warhammer and is gradually gaining recognition in the domestic market with Warhammer series. JOYTOY completes a complete industrial chain layout from creation, design, R&D, production and manufacturing to market channels, creating a high-quality, stable business model 

4) HEMOXIAN It is a manufacturer that mainly manufactures robot plastic models. Recently, the Non-Zero series NZS-05-3 Thor, plastic model was released, and it received massive good reviews for 488 detailed parts, smooth assembly, and prices inversely proportional to the quality of the product. In the future, the line up of BAFFARION and  Over-zero series Tastier will be developed as plastic models, and Heart Warrior products, which are alloyed products of original IP, will also be developed. 

5) ASTRTUM DESIGN - It's a manufacturer specializing in beautiful girl figures focusing on original illustrations Currently, the mask girl series unveiled at 2022 Seoul Popcorn and various other products are being produced, and we are expanding our foundation as a manufacturer specializing in beautiful girl figures.