Company NameEXTRA LUCKY 
Booth No.C527
CountrySouth Korea

SPREAD is a creative group that brings together members from various fields such as art directors, designers, illustrators, and product designers to merge diverse creations and free expression, resulting in new and unique outcomes each time. 

"EXTRA LUCKY: Make a Wish" is a brand that aims to tell a story about the 'extra happiness' that modern individuals often overlook amidst their desires and anxieties in uncertain times. 

Characters like Pluto, a planet that seeks freedom rather than following a predetermined path; Mark, always accompanied by luck; and Freddy, who considers his missing leg as a form of luck, play a role in unfolding the brand's worldview and storytelling. 

EXTRA LUCKY has a history of various collaborations and events, including Neo-value collaborations, a Loop Station Ikseon exhibition, and the launch of a Half Coffee collaboration cafe. 

In this pop-up event, EXTRA LUCKY presents the concept of an "EXTRA LUCKY Rotary Shop," creatively interpreting the psyche of people who pursue materialism, capitalism, and the desire for quick fortune with wit and sensibility unique to EXTRA LUCKY.