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Sweet Monster is developing the Korea’s first character business model by applying character to the F&B business. To become an issue-maker, we aggressively entered the overseas market rather than the domestic market and spread various contents based on the character and F&B convergence model. We are growing into a global brand that exports a pleasant culture. 

Under the slogan 'Life is bitter, Enjoy Sweet', Sweet Monster was developed with various dessert ingredients such as chocolate, lemon, popcorn, cookies, and cakes. 

As a global brand exporting to six overseas countries within a short period of time by targeting overseas markets from the beginning of its business, it has raised brand awareness through a pop-up truck event that sells popcorn and ice cream to people in cups with characters design. While the character business usually raises awareness through animation and expands its business based on this, it is very innovative to use the dessert menu as a foundation. By developing innovative contents and products, we are providing our customers with the unique brand value experience of Sweet Monster. 

Sweet Monster, a sweet + happy messenger that makes the world happy with small but sweet desserts in an era that needs new emotional values and creative concepts. When we are filled with a lot of stress, anguish and sadness, our bodies and brains need chemical and psychological sweetness. With a little sweetness, you can be comforted, happy, and run for a better tomorrow. 

A little sweet experience that can give a little comfort to modern people who are full of excessive work, fierce competition, and anxiety about the future! Sweet Monster lives by making desserts with people's sweet energy and happiness. When people send a signal that they are unhappy and sad, they get on the legendary food truck and go out to create a festival that makes people happy and joyful. 

Sweet Monster is a story about adventures to find people's sweetest moments. If life is tiring, call Sweet Monster now!