Booth No.P107
CountrySouth Korea

Hello, this is EMZIPORITWO from the RZ Heroes team! 

Making things with a 3D printer is my hobby, but after watching the movie Iron Man 1, I fell in love with the Iron Man suit. 

In the past, he participated in the Korea Cosplay Championship at the first Comic Con Seoul in 2017, won and participated in the 2018 Chicago Comic Con, and is active in various competitions and events. 

Also, he appeared in various broadcasts such as KBS Superman Returns, Hero Café VJ Commandos, SBS Morning Wide, SBS Jang Yeon-sil Show, Kang Yong-seok's Sweet 19, and appeared in the last episode of JTBC's drama 18 Again. I'm active in so many different places that I've been to Edo. 

In movies and games, Iron Man also upgrades his suit for each series, so please look forward to what features will be included in the next suit!