ShinHan Art

Company NameShinHan Art
Booth No.P105
CountrySouth Korea

ShinHan Art Inherits Korea’s Unique Art Culture

ShinHan Art is an esteemed art materials manufacturing company in Korea founded in 1967. Traditional arts, color, and the spirit of the artists who created and developed Korean culture have all been inherited by our company. Korean art and color began in the 7th century as an aristocratic style of painting, and were mainly composed of delicate and sophisticated colors. By the 14th century, a unique technique called “the beauty of blank space” was developed. This technique was expressed in the calmly composed scenes of Korean paintings and emphasized beauty and mystery in Korean visual culture. From this unique national history of visual arts, Korean colors are represented in our product lines today. Our products introduce unique colors and art materials to global markets in our current era of hyper-globalization.