2023 Exhibition

Exhibitor Guide - Company


Seoul POPCON 2023

(Seoul Pop Culture Convention)


25 - 27 August, 2023 (Fri - Sun)


COEX Hall C & D (Seoul)

Opening Hours

10:00 - 18:00



Organizing Committee

Exhibition Sectors


Game, Comic, Novels, Art, illustration, Movie, Drama, Animation, Broadcast, Music, Musical, Character, Emoticon, VR, AR, XR, Cosplay, Figure, Goods, NFT, Metaverse and entertainment Contents


Media, Broadcast, Channel, OTT, Telecommunication company, Social, Streaming, Cinema, Animation Cafe, Publishers and online/offline content distribution platforms.

Hardware & Technology

PC, Mobile, Console, AI, Cloud, CG,VR HMD, AR Glass, Blockchain, Hologram, Tablet, IT Technology and Content Tools, etc.



Ultimate Cosplay Battle

On- and offline global cosplay competition, re-born in Seoul POPCON

Star Meet & Talk

Panels where fans, star and producers discuss the content industry.

Open Game Tournament

Tournament for all gaming lovers!


PCCN Awards

Honoring outstanding contents of this year, the winner will be selected through pre-voting by fans and panels.

PCCN Summit

World-leading Popculture companies and minds will exchange the market trends and vision


World of Characters

Only at the Seoul POPCON! Meet characters from all over the world in one place.

Artist Alley

Meet Korean and international artists presenting their creations.

Seoul POPCON 2023

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Application Schedule

Early Bird Deadline▶ 1st  : until February 29th(Thu), 2024▶ 2nd : until April 30th(Tue), 2024
General Application 
▶ until June 28th(Fri), 2024
Discount Program▶ 1st Early Bird : USD 500 / booth
▶ 2nd Early Bird : USD 300 / booth
▶ Re-Participate : USD  500 / booth (*Seoul POPCON 23' exhibitor)
▶ Scale Discount : USD 300 / booth (*Over 10 booths)

Application Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Fill out the application form and 
Submit a copy of the business card by e-mail.

* Don't forget the company stamp on the application form.
50% of participation fee 
to be paid within 7 days after applying.

* Application completed

50% of the balance to be paid.

* until June 28th(Fri), 2024

* Application will be completed by paying of 50% of the participation fee as a deposit.

* Please send the Application form by e-mail or fax to the secretariat.

  ✉ E-mail : pccn@seoulpopcon.org / 📥 Fax : +82-2-2051-3326

Exhibition Booth

Type of Booth
Raw Space
Shell Scheme Booth
Premium Booth
Exhibition space only
(More than 2 booths)
Exhibition space + Wooden wall
(Provided: Info desk+Chair 1set/Lights/Signboard/Electricity 1kw)
Subject to the booth size and the design 
(More than 2 booths)

(*VAT excl)

USD 2,800 / booth
USD 3,200 / booth
* Please ask the secretariat for details
(1 Booth = 3m X 3m)

Facilities (optional)

Included Elements
Electricity (Day time)
Electricity (24h)
USD 90
USD 110
USD 200